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*Russia's perspective*

He was simply sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace in his office when someone suddenly knocked on the door.

"Da, come in." he says without looking towards the door.

"M-Mr. Russia, there was just a call from England. Him and the others are asking for you to join them in a conference in London." the knocker, Lithuania, says while poking his head into the office.

"Is it urgent?" he then asks after some silence.

"I believe it is, sir." Lithuania answers. He then sighs and stands up from his chair.

"Alright. And Lithuania, you seem a little pale and shaky. Are you sick?" he points out innocently.

"N-No, I'm fine. I'll get your coat ready." Lithuania says rather quickly with a stutter and rushes out of the office.

"Hm, I wonder why there's a conference being held. It must be important!" he says aloud and answers his own question.

'But then again, since when is it not important when there's a conference?' he thinks while walking out of his office.

"M-Mr. Russia! Here's your coat!" he hears Latvia shout while holding his coat.

"Thank you Latvia." he says happily with a "pat" on the head.

"You're welcome Mr. Russia! I'm glad it didn't take a long time to track down the museum that bought your coat!" Latvia blurts out.

"Latvia!" Lithuania and Estonia shout.

"I'm sorry I said that!" Latvia wails while he applies more pressure towards his "pat".

"It's ok Latvia! We'll deal with this later when I come back, alright?" he says happily.

"But before that time, take good care of the house!" he continues to say while walking towards the door. He's about to open the door when he forgets to mention one tiny detail.

"And if the house isn't spotless when I come home… you know what that means… kolkolkolkolkolkolkolkol. Bye-bye!" he says the last part happily and proceeds to leave the Baltics alone.

"Latvia, what was that for?" Estonia tells Latvia with a glare.

"Don't look at me like that!" Latvia cries out and covers his face to prevent from seeing Estonia. But that doesn't stop Estonia from glaring at Latvia.

Lithuania, on the sidelines, sees this. While shaking his head, he face palms.

~a few days later at the Allies + 1 Conference~

"You guys seen England around anywhere? He should be here before me and here I am with him nowhere in sight." America asks when he walks through the doors with a milkshake in his hand.

"The nerve! He calls this conference, yet he doesn't show up yet, aru." China irritably says.

"Well, he did say he was going to be a little late." Japan adds in.

"How late though, aru?" China asks Japan.

"I…. do not know." Japan quietly answers.

"Sorry I'm late everyone." they hear an overly familiar accent.

"Finally dude!" America shouts at him.

"Oh be quiet America. You're always late." England tells him irritably.

"Oui, I agree with America. You've taken a while, hm? Why is that Angleterre?" France asks England with curiosity.

"Well, since you want to know so badly, come on (f/n). Show yourself." England says behind him. When the other nations hear this, they turn towards England with questioning faces. And then, they see a young child hiding behind England.

"Come on (f/n), don't be shy! These people are nice also." England tells the child. The child was dressed in a white polo shirt with a blue and black plaid skirt and black shiny shoes.

"Why do you have a little girl with you England?!" America "accidently" shouts.

"I suggest you shut up America before you meet Mr. Pipe. Don't you see that England is explaining something?" Russia calmly says while holding a pipe and smiling innocently.

"Yeah! Of course Russia, keep talking England." America then says, with his voice a little bit lower. England glares at him but continues to talk.

"This child is (f/n). I found her lurking in my rose garden. She's also mute but can sign in ASL, homeless, and of course, no parents." England describes (f/n).

"You do know that she's a human child, right England-san?" Japan points out.

"Yes, I know. But I couldn't leave her alone. She's so young and lives alone without anybody…" England trials off.

"And you want to tell us this because?" America then asks which he then receives a smack to the head after asking that question.

"Don't you see? England is asking us something, aru. Is it the fact that you think the child should be raised by one of us?" China asks after smacking America's head. England nods his head and pulls his attention back to (f/n).

Russia then looks over to (f/n), seeing her sign to England.

'She's so cute, like a sunflower. But alone in this cruel, cruel world. What would happen to that cute innocence after she faces the real world?' Russia ponders.

'She would end up like me… but without two sisters. How unfortunate…' he continues to think.

"Everyone, (f/n) just asked me if she could meet all of you. Is that alright?" England asks all of a sudden.  A chorus of agreements were heard.

"Alright." England tells the nations. But quietly talks to (f/n), knowing she could understand him.

"Now (f/n), just be careful, alright? These people are somewhat nice enough. Especially Japan, ok? If you have any problems, just come back to me and I'll deal with it." England tells her and with a nod, (f/n) hugs England; well, as far as a 5 year old can reach, the legs. And walks off to meet the others.

*your pov*

You weren't that sure to be around such tall people in a different place. You walk to the person closets to England which was a man with wavy blonde hair with blue eyes, carrying a rose.

"Ah! Why hello ma petit. I'm France." he introduces himself with a weird voice.

"I'm (f/n)." you sign. He looks at you, confused at first, but then understands.

"It's nice to meet you (f/n)!" France says happily and he picks you up and walks to the window.

"England told me that he found you in his rose garden, do you like roses (f/n)?" he asks you. You nod happily.

"I love how red they are!" you tell him  and he smiles.

"Here's a French rose." and he hands it to you.

"Thank you Mr. France!" you happily tell him. He smiles more softly and lets you back on your feet. You wave to France and walk to the next closets person.

You tug onto the person's pant leg to get their attention.

"Oh, konnichiwa (f/n)-san." you hear him say with another weird voice.

"Hello! What's your name?" you ask him. He has short black hair and brown eyes. To you, he looked so different from France and England, and you wanted to know who he was a lot.

"I am Nihon, or in other words, Japan." he answers.

"It's nice to meet you Japan!" you sign happily again and manage a curtsy, one of the few things that England taught you. Japan smiles at you he bows back. Meanwhile this is occurring, England sees this curtsy and smiles.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Nihon!" you tell him and afterwards with a wave and walk away again to meet someone new.

'Nihon seems nice! Maybe I can spend some time with him later!' you think happily. But unknown to you were just about to run into someone. And, you did.

You end up seeing the ceiling and a person with pale blonde hair and purple eyes.

"Are you ok?" he asks you. You nod.

"Let me help you." and the purple eyed man easily picks you up.

"Thank you!" you sign to him. He understands and signs back.

"My name is Russia, yours is (f/n), da?" he signs.

"What does da mean?" you ask him.

"It means yes." he answers back.

"Oh, then da! ^^" you tell him. He smiles happily and proceeds to carry you out of the room.

"What are you doing Russia!?"you hear England shout and Russia turns around to respond.

"Can I keep (f/n) for a while? She's very cute and soft, like sunflowers." Russia tells him, also in a weird voice.

"What are you thinking Russia-san! (f/n)-san is very cute and chibi, please, you must let her stay here." you hear Nihon say.

'What is chibi?' you think.

"Please England, a week at the most?" Russia asks England. England sighs.

"Fine. But if she comes back hurt, I will blame you Russia!" England shouts at him.

"Ok!" Russia happily says and walks out with you.

'Yay! I get to stay with Russia for a week!' you happily think.

~back to Russia's house~

"I'm home!" Russia says happily when he opens the door.

'It's a big house!' you observe.

"Mr. Russia! Your home early! And who is your guest?" you hear someone say. You turn towards that person. He has short light brown hair and green eyes.

'But not as green as England's.' you mentally compare.

"Oh! Lithuania, this is (f/n). She'll be staying with us for a week, ok? Can you please bring some children's books, hot cocoa, and two soft blankets to my office?" Russia asks Lithuania.

"Alright Mr. Russia." and Lithuania left.

"Ok (f/n). I'll show you around so you know where to go, ok?" Russia tells you and you nod your head.

And within a span of 30 minutes, you haven't seen at least half of the house and you begin to feel tired.

"Russia, I'm getting sleepy." you tell him.

"Ok! We'll go back to my office then." and he then leads you towards his office again.
When both of you walked in the office, you smelled hot cocoa.

"May I have some cocoa?" you ask and Russia gives you a cup.

"Thank you." you tell him with one hand.

"Would you like to hear a story (f/n)?" Russia asks you. And of course, you happily nod.
"How about the *Frog Princess? Have you heard that one before?" Russia asks you when he carries you to a chair in front of a fireplace. He sits on it and places you on his lap and holds out the book.

"I haven't read it yet, can you please?" you ask him.

"Da." and he begins to read.

*Russia's pov*

After 45 minutes of reading, (f/n) fell asleep.

'She looks even more cute and innocent asleep. But a little cold.' Russia thinks after seeing her begin to shiver.

He slowly pulls himself off the chair and places (f/n) on the chair instead, grabs the other blanket and puts it on her.

"Have a nice nap, my sunflower."
This is a request for :iconsweetepie365: Gomen nasai for the wait! Please forgive me.

It has been too long! (I think it's been two months :iconsulkplz:)

Oh well... 6th request done! (it sounds so noob....) Forget that, well I hope you enjoyed this! I have already written up three others and yeah. They'll be out soon.

Sorry for the long wait, I have sports and such to deal with. Next up is.......... I have no idea. :icontrollfaceplz: But I can guarentee it will be up in a few days or today. Which ever comes first.

Notes for the reader:
- *The Frog Princess: According to Wikipedia, it's origins is in Russia. Also, this is a folk tale/children's fairytale.

So.... comment and fav guys!

Hetalia: Hidekaz Himaruya
Plot: me, :iconthefaiye:
the request: :iconsweetepie365:
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